Hospitals & Medical Facilities

FGG Architects has developed and maintained specialist expertise in all aspects of Healthcare Design. This is based upon the experience gained from a variety of unique projects, which range from the smallest clinic constructed from shipping containers, to one of the largest teaching hospitals, together with extensive research and travel.

The practice provides a comprehensive service in all facets of hospital development, starting with the brief and master planning, through to design and procurement, then equipping and commissioning.

The practice remains well informed on all aspects of Healthcare projects with relevance to both First and Third Worlds, through research and engagement with International Health groupings.

FGG have had considerable experience in developing the brief for a hospital, either in conjunction with management and user departments, or based upon an assessment of needs and with reference to the extensive database which has been built up by the practice. As part of the briefing stage, policies and operating systems are developed for such matters as hygiene and sterilisation, materials handling, linen and laundry, food and catering. Whilst input from management and users at all levels is regarded as extremely important, FGG have accumulated the skills and ability to proceed without such input in instances where appropriate Client capacity is unavailable.

Throughout the briefing, design, documentation, construction and commissioning stages, FGG maintains a broad perspective over the entire project. This is a result of previous wide experience and close working relationships with medical personnel in all fields, where necessary, coupled with the inclusion of a Health Facility Planner, who has a medical background, as part of the FGG team.

Recent medical projects by FGG include the Midlands Medical Centre Private Hospital in Pietermaritzburg, and the DR AG JEETOO Hospital for the Government of Mauritius, in association with J&A Architects. This 550 bed, 30,000m2 facility is an impressive sight situated in the heart of the city of Port Louis and is set to greatly improve the provision of healthcare in the area. Currently underway in 2017 is the redevelopment of the Midlands Medical Centre Private Hospital in Pietermaritzburg.

FGG Architects, again in association with J&A Architects, have also recently carried out the master-planning for the Seychelles Ministry of Health, for the health facilities on their 3 main islands.

The distinctive award winning K-RITH Tower Building at UKZN’s Nelson R Mandela Medical School, described by the client as “the crown jewel of the University”, is a 8-story, 4000m2 TB-HIV research hub, housing over 600m2 of BSL3 laboratory space, allowing for the safe handling of HIV and the bacteria that cause TB, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and drug-resistant M. tuberculosis. This internationally funded state-of-the-art facility showcases FGG’s knowledge of the current requirements for health facilities and highlighting the firm’s ability to execute and pioneer cutting-edge medical design to an international standard.

In 2001 The Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital (IALCH) was completed for the KZN Department of Health.  Acting under a single appointment as Principal Agent, FGG were responsible for all professional services, leading a team of 20 professional firms, acting under appointments from FGG. The IALCH continues to be used as a benchmark for other hospitals, and is visited by health planners from around the world.  Visits to IALCH are incorporated in Health Planning Seminars, and FGG Architects maintains an active role in such presentations and tours.